Pollen Germination Practical


Q1. Pollination is –
       (A)   Germination of Pollen Grains
       (B)   Visiting Flowers by Insects
       (C)   Pollen Tube Growth in Ovule
       (D)   Transfer of Pollen Grains from Anther to Stigma

Q2. Exine layer of pollen grain is made up of –
       (A)   Pectin
       (B)   Sporopollenin
       (C)   Cellulose
       (D)   Chitin

Q3. Pollination by insect is called –
       (A)   Hydrophily
       (B)   Entomophily
       (C)   Anemophily
       (D)   Ornithophilly

Q4. Which layer of microsporangium provides nutrition to the developing pollen grains –
       (A)   Epidermis
       (B)   Endothecium
       (C)   Tapetum
       (D)   All

Q5. The transfer of pollen grains from anther to stigma is called –
       (A)   Fertilization
       (B)   Polyembryony
       (C)   Microsporogenesis
       (D)   Pollination