T.S. Anther Practical


Q1. The two Nuclei at the end of the Pollen Tube are Called –
       (A)   Tube Nucleus and Sperm
       (B)   Sperm and Ovum
       (C)   Generative Nucleus and Stigma
       (D)   Tube Nucleus and a Generative Nucleus

Q2. Generative Nucleus Divides Forming –
       (A)   3 Male Nuclei
       (B)   2 Male Nuclei
       (C)   3 Female Nuclei
       (D)   2 Female Nuclei

Q3. One Nucleus of the Pollen Tube and Secondary Nucleus of the Ovum grow into –
       (A)   Stigma
       (B)   Endosperm
       (C)   Anther
       (D)   Stamen

Q4. The male reproductive parts of a flower, the stamens, are collectively known as –
       (A)   Anther
       (B)   Filament
       (C)   Androecium
       (D)   Gynoecium

Q5. Functional megaspore in a flowering plant develops into –
       (A)   Endosperm
       (B)   Ovule
       (C)   Embryo
       (D)   Embryo-sac