Chromosome Study During Cell Division II


  • Take young buds of Tradescantia or immature male spikelet‟s of Bajra (Millet) and fix them in freshly prepared Carnoy fixative for 10 hrs. After rehydrating in 90% and 70% alcohol store the material in 70% alcohol.
  • Take a bud of Tradescantia or few smaller anthers from the male spikelet of Bajra in 70% alcohol in a watch glass.
  • Dissect out the bud or dissect each anther taken from the spikelet with needles & keep them in 45% acetic acid.
  • Put few anthers on the slide and few drops of Acetocarmine stain over them. Warm the slide gently a few times, but never let it boil.
  • Drain off excess stain and put few drops of 45% acetic acid.
  • Now put cover slip over the material and cover it with filter paper or blotting paper. Press the cover slip with thumb so as to rupture the anthers.
  • Observe the slide under the microscope first in low power and then in high power.