Preparation of temporary mounts of an onion peel


  • Take an onion and remove its outermost peel.
  • Now cut a small part from an inner scale leaf with the help of a blade.
  • Separate a thin, transparent peel from the convex surface of the scale leaf with the help of forceps.
  • Keep this peel in a watch glass containing water?
  • Add two drops of safranin stain in the watch glass to stain the peel.
  • Take a clean slide and put a drop of glycerin in the center of the slide.
  • With the help of a brush and needle transfer the peel on the slide. Glycerin prevents the peel from drying up.
  • Carefully cover it with a coverslip and avoid any air bubble from entering interring the coverslip.
  • Remove any excessive glycerin with a filter paper.
  • Observe the prepared mount of the peel under the low and high magnification of a compound microscope.