Effect of temperature on the permeability of the plasma-membrane


Fill in the Blanks

Q1. A cell increase in volume when it is placed in __________.

Q2. _____________ will be zero in a fully turgid cell.

Q3. Endosmosis occurs when the plant cell is placed in __________.

Q4. Cell becomes turgid because of _________.

Q5. The rate of diffusion across the cell membrane is affected by the _________.

Q6. Pressure developed on cell wall of plant cell caused by osmotic movement of water is called as ____________.

Q7. The membrane which allows the movement of only water molecules to pass through it and not the solute particles __________.

Q8. The membrane which allows passage of solvent as well as some selective solutes and prevents others is called ____________.

Q9. Diffusion rates are affected by ____________, ____________ and ____________.