Study the structure of stomata and find out their frequency on the adaxial and abaxial surfaces of leaves



Q1. What are stomata?

Q2. Where are stomata found in the plant cells?

Q3. Why do plants need stomata?

Q4. What are the Guard Cells?

Q5. What is stomatal apparatus? Explain the structure of stomata with a labeled diagram.

Q6. What are the functions of stomata?

Q7. How do you calculate stomatal frequency?

Q8. What is the stomatal index?

Q9. How do you find the number of stomata per mm2?

Q10. What are the types of stomata?

Q11. How do you determine the number of stomata?

Q12. How can you tell how many stomata a leaf has?

Q13. What is stomatal density?

Q14. What is Abaxial and Adaxial surface of leaf?

Q15. What is the role of stomata present on the surface of leaf?

Q16. What is stomatal frequency?

Q17. What is the importance of stomata?

Q18. What are the three main functions of stomata?